Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol Licensing 

If you are planning to sell alcohol at any premises, online, or at an event or series of events you must have a licence.  


There are four types of alcohol licence: 

  • On-licence (e.g. pub, restaurant, cafe, bar)
  • Off-licence (e.g. bottle store, supermarket)
  • Club licence (e.g. sports club, Returned Services Association)
  • Special licence (e.g. events and functions) 



A special licence allows for the sale of alcohol at special occasions or events. This is normally used to licence one-off events where no licence is currently held, or extend the hours or area of a licensed premises for a special occasion. A special licence is valid for the  particular event, or series of events, specified in the licence. 

For more information visit the Nelson City Council Alcohol Licensing webpage